SJCPAC Coalition

Mission Statement

                                                                                                                                                           “San Juan County Prevention, Action, Collaboration (SJCPAC) Coalition’s Mission is to collaborate with community partners and agencies to strengthen our local youth, and their families, against substance misuse and suicide in San Juan County.”

Coalition champion awards

June 2023

  • JAMIE HARVEY: Jamie has really delivered on any campaign promises he has given to San Juan County. He listens to the people and that includes our SJPCAC Coalition. He has been very involved since he took office. He has been instrumental in listening to no alcohol sales concerns in Montezuma Creek as well as listening to other concerns throughout San Juan. We made a special request, last minute, and as a County Commissioner, he traveled to Salt Lake City to the KSL Studios to record a special PSA message for the Gray Matters Campaign, which targets parents to help educate their children on the dangers of underage marijuana consumption. His PSA is available and will be shown throughout the state and in San Juan. Jamie really cares about San Juan County and about upstream prevention issues that affect youth and their families. Thank you, Jamie for your dedication and commitment to making San Juan County a better place for all of us. THANK YOU – JAMIE!

May 2023

  • RACHEAL HOLIDAY: Racheal is dedicated to upstream prevention work and passionate about working in her community to make it a better place for all who live there! Racheal recently attended and graduated from the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) Academy training. This Academy gave her great insight into the power of local coalition work and spurred her interest in helping her team create mapping activities in various San Juan County communities. The data and information gleaned from these coalition mapping activities will be invaluable in helping create targeted strategies aimed at lowering the risk of youth substance abuse and suicide in our area. Racheal is a powerful advocate for her community. She is organized, articulate and a huge asset to any team she is involved with. She is a suicide intervention trainer for Utah Navajo Health Systems and a Traditional Counselor for the Gentle Ironhawk Women’s Shelter. She will be attending the Bryce Coalition Summit in June and a dedicated coalition member. THANK YOU, RACHEAL!
  • LOGAN MONSON: Logan is awesome! He attends SJCPAC Coalition meetings as often as he can and is very supportive of prevention efforts in San Juan County. As the Blanding City Mayor, Logan filmed a “Stoodis” campaign video last year, which you may have seen if you have been to the San Juan Theater to see a movie. Logan has also worked in tandem with the SJHS Youth Coalition to start a Mayor’s Youth Council, to better improve youth voice and serve as a liaison between the city and SJHS youth. Logan has been involved with R&R Partners from SLC and SJCPAC Coalition to proof installation projects geared toward parents to help them understand the impact they have on lowering the risk of their children drinking underage. You will see these projects appear in Blanding, sometime this summer. Logan, along with other mayors across the state, just finished filming a PSA for the new “Gray Matters” campaign in Utah, which again targets parents as they talk with their children about the dangers of underage marijuana use on the developing brain. We are so lucky he is a part of our SJCPAC Coalition. THANK YOU, LOGAN!
  • REBECCA BENALLY: Rebecca is such an asset to the entire San Juan County Community and prevention efforts. She is a strong coalition member and cares deeply about strengthening families and making San Juan a better place to live. Rebecca serves on the Education, Youth Voice and Data coalition work groups. Rebecca was very involved in making our community mapping activity in Montezuma Creek a success. She and her team help support fun community events such as the Santa Drive through activity in December. Rebecca has been very instrumental in achieving support from the Navajo Nation for the SHARP Survey to be administered in our River Region schools in the county. She is wise, diplomatic and passionate about raising awareness, with a gift for articulation. Rebecca is a team player and always looking for ways to collaborate in her role as Health Educator for Public Health and as a coalition member. Rebecca has attended the Bryce Coalition a couple of times and is known in many state circles for her advocacy efforts. Rebecca is a dynamic part of our SJCPAC Coalition team. THANK YOU – REBECCA!
  • REPRESENTATIVE PHIL LYMAN: Phil serves as a member of the Utah House of Representatives. He represents six rural counties at the state legislature. He was born and raised in Blanding and loves San Juan County. He is a husband, father, grandfather and valued community member who knows the importance of working together to make San Juan County a great place to live and raise families. Phil has taken time during busy legislative sessions for the last few years to talk with and listen to members of our own San Juan County Youth Coalition, when they go to visit him at the State Capitol.  Last year he filmed a great message for our local “Let’s Do This” Campaign talking about the importance of parents and families in lowering the risk of youth alcohol and substance abuse. He also accepted an invitation from the Utah Prevention Network to speak to prevention youth from all over the state of Utah in a virtual presentation during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. He is a champion of upstream prevention efforts in San Juan County and is very supportive of our SJCPAC Coalition. THANK YOU, PHIL!


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